• Illusion Impossible

    Grand Stage Illusion Show

    Prepare yourself for a night of fun, laughs, magic and grand illusions as Ben Murphy presents "ILLUSION IMPOSSIBLE!" This show will leave you both laughing and amazed as Ben Murphy weaves his unique blend of comedy with spectacular displays of reality-twisting and mind-blowing magical effects into a show like no other.

    Close your eyes and think of the most amazing magic, illusion, costumes and dancers you can - well this is it! Ben Murphy's "ILLUSION IMPOSSIBLE" is the ultimate Escapes, Magic and Grand Illusion spectacular. Seen in casinos all around the world, and the highlight of countless memorable corporate events, Galas, awards ceremonies and theatre audiences, this is the knockout show that you have been looking for.

    In front of your very eyes, internationally acclaimed comedy magician, Ben Murphy will astound and shock with a show containing extraordinary predictions, death defying escapes, hilarious audience interaction and some of the most impressive grand illusion you ever experience.

    Featuring several Australian and Asian exclusive illusions and some of the world’s most exciting and dangerous effects, this is a show befit of high profile clients. After spending the show on the edge of their seats, audiences are repeatedly brought to their feet in ovation for what is possibly Australia's biggest and most impressive "Illusion and Magic Experience".

    Ben Murphy's "ILLUSION IMPOSSIBLE" will question your take on reality. You will see the impossible as dancers fly then vanish in midair, people are cut into 5 pieces, escapes are made hanging upside down over the audiences heads, dancers appear, CEO’s, guest speakers, products such as cars and washing machines can “appear” at your request Ben Murphy's "ILLUSION IMPOSSIBLE" has it all. Impressive costumes, fire, magic, illusion, comedy, audience interaction, incredible dance routines and is just a pure joy to be a part of. This is definitely a show not to be missed. Perfect for any events. This is a huge show that is certain to be a crowd pleaser.

    Ben Murphy is the ONLY Australian magician to have ever had his own full season of shows in the one venue within the USA - with over 300 sold out shows in Boston, countless shows and tours in casinos, theme parks, Corporate events and functions globally, particularly the UAE, Asia and of course Australia.

    "ILLUSION IMPOSSIBLE" is the only show of its kind in Australia! A truly breathtaking spectacle of Las Vegas showgirls and costumes, incredible sound and lighting, and one of Australia's funniest and most successful magicians Ben Murphy! Don't miss out on a night you'll never forget.


"You are Terrific! One of the best I have ever had the pleasure of collaborating with"
Paul Osborne - Producer and illusion consultant for Siegfried & Roy, Chris Angel, and David Copperfield.

"Sensational, a great time was had by all"

"You Must have this show"
David Copperfield speaking on Ben's USA show "Mystique"

"WOW. It seems your show was a huge success. Thank you."
Susan Farrel, Wrest Point Casino.

"Excellent. Very Funny."
Russell Sims, Crown Casino

"Amazing! Everyone loved the show. It really had great energy, heaps of laughs and was a pleasure. Thank you."
Robyn Butler, Star News Group.

"We have never laughed so hard. I had tears! Hilarious, great job"
Narelle Thatcher, Victorian Country press Association